Here's SqueezeScrobbler (formerly SlimScrobbler), a SqueezeCentre plug-in for playing Last.FM internet radio and submitting listening data. LastFM is an online music listening habits tracking database and personal radio station.

Download SqueezeScrobbler v1.2

(for SqueezeServer 7.4 and later) - 15 Feb 2011

Download SlimScrobbler v0.37.5

(for SlimServer 6.5 only) - 31 December 2006 - readme

What's SqueezeScrobbler?

SqueezeScrobbler will submit music files that you listen to on your Squeezebox to Last.FM, where it will show up on your recently-played list and count towards your listening statistics. SqueezeScrobbler also allows you to listen to Last.FM internet radio on your SqueezeCentre players from anywhere in the world.

Once upon a time there were two websites, one called Audioscrobbler, and one called Last.FM. Audioscrobbler tracked what you listened to on your PC; Last.FM provided personalised streaming radio. In 2005 they merged completely and dropped the "Audioscrobbler" name. That's why all the plugins for Last.FM tend to be called Scrobblers.

Things For You To Do

  • Get an account at Last.FM - otherwise there's not much point in using this Plugin
  • Go and buy a Squeezebox, from SlimDevices, because they're dead good
  • Tag all your music with MusicBrainz for accurate submissions and better statistics
  • Go and rate SlimScrobbler at Freshmeat. Remember, we get no support from either SlimDevices or Last.FM and do this purely to be repeatedly told how great we are!
  • Join the Last.FM SlimScrobbler group
  • Visit the SlimScrobbler project pages at SourceForge and Freshmeat

Handy Links



SlimDevices - 3rd Party Plugins
SlimDevices' forum for all SlimServer Plugins. Tends to be livelier than the Last.FM one.
Last.FM - SlimScrobbler
Last.FM's forum for SlimScrobbler users.


Stewart Loving-Gibbard
Project founder
James Craig
Current maintainer
Arnout Engelen
Ian Parkinson
Hakan Tandogan
Malcolm Wotton
Eric Koldinger
Mike Scott
Eric Gauthier
Dean Blacketter

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